Monday, April 18, 2011

A Taxing Reminder

As the deadline, for filing your taxes, is now imminent (& will have passed, by the time this is published), here are some selections, pertinent for this time of the year (aside from Easter - and Earth Week).

TAX DAY 2011

From WorldNetDaily:

- Economic Sense Left D.C. a long time ago, Herman Cain

===> Note: The Purdue College Republicans are hosting a big event, featuring "the Herminator," this Wednesday night!! (It's FREE and OPEN to the public!!)

From TownHall:

- Obama's Tax Hypocrisy, Lurita Doan
- There's No Fairness in Taxing E-Sales, Jeff Jacoby
- Tax Congress!, John Ransom
- Obama Invents a New Word: Tax Expenditures, Floyd Brown
- Tax & Debt Bomb, Larry Kudlow
- Fertilizing Farms with Tax Dollars, Stephen Chapman
- Taxes and Politics, Thomas Sowell
- Eat the Rich, Walter Williams

From National Review:

- ‘Fairness’ on Tax Day (Most Americans get their government for free.) - Douglas Holtz-Eakin
- 'Regulation Day'? (Regulations cost us nearly as much as taxes do.), Iain Murray
(...and Roger Clegg replies)

And, from the paleo side:

- Become a Multi-Millionaire… as a Tax Snitch, Simon Black
- Eat the Private Rich?, Walter Williams
- Eat the Government Rich?, Thomas Sowell
- Eat the Savers?, Doug French
- Loopholes are Freedom, Thomas DiLorenzo

- No Taxation, Art Carden
- CNBC Says: Pay Your Fair Share

Via RushLimbaugh:

- Tax Day: Half of US Pays Nothing
- Wall Street Journal - Where the Money Is: Obama Taxes Middle Class While Pretending to Tax only the Rich
- AP: Nearly half of US households escape federal income tax
- AP Spin: Super Rich See Federal Taxes Drop

And check out:

[New Online Tool: Marginal Tax Rates Calculator]


==> Center for Fiscal Accountability:
==> Alliance for Worker Freedom:


Government Bytes: The Official Blog of the National Taxpayers Union

National Taxpayers Union asks: Does the IRS owe you money?

No New Energy Taxes!

Beyond Bailouts

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) rates Congress


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