Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minnesota College Republicans - Convention Recap

...And also last weekend was the annual statewide Convention of the Minnesota College Republicans. (For a recap of the Wisconsin Convention last weekend, see Scottsblog's always-excellent entry, below.)

Thanks to Nick Amell and others, for the live-Tweeting! Many of us, who weren't able to be in the Twin Cities last weekend, greatly appreciated that, especially while trying to follow along, with what was happening! :-)

Bess Folsom has also provided a GREAT recap, of the MNCR 2011 Convention, at her weblog!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Minnesota College Republicans Display Passion and Compromise

The University of St. Thomas was overwhelmed on Saturday by College Republicans from around the state. The Minnesota College Republicans arrived at 10 am for their annual convention, during which the next year's board of directors is elected.

Minnesota College Republicans logo

It was clear to guest speakers Tom and Jacquie Emmer and Tony Sutton that the day was going to be long and tedious when the convention convened late due to delegate qualification problems. It took until lunch to approve the rules for the convention and still not everyone was happy.

The lunch hour consisted of trips to Chipotle, Tea Garden, and Davanni's to refuel and lots of tweeting and gossiping with CRs across the state. By the time the convention re-convened at 12:45 it was clear that the group was divided and rumors of not even being able to elect a new chairman started circulating.

While delegates continued to argue over delegate qualifications and even impeachment, current chairman Tyler Verry and candidate Bobby Benson had a surprise up their sleeves. Rumors started flying so much that the room of delegates was literally buzzing....

========> Curious about what happened at the #mncr11 convention? Check out Bess' recap, at "The Girl's Right" blog!


Thanks to the MNCR leadership, for your service, and for coordinating a great Convention! And congratulations to incoming Minnesota College Republicans State Chairman RYAN LYK!!

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