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Recently, the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans (WICR) found themselves stabbed in the back by one of their own, when outgoing chair Lora Rae Anderson slammed the Republican Party, claiming they were not inclusive enough of more liberal-minded young people, then promptly bolting for the Democratic Party only one month after she left her position as WICR leader. WICR political director Patrick Testin, as well as newly-elected WICR chair Charlotte Evans had a few words to say to Lora Rae and to all Republicans who may have found their faith in the College Republicans shattered due to Lora's actions. Here is Patrick's WICR official press release regarding the matter:

Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans: College Republicans bid Anderson farewell

STEVENS POINT, WI: On Friday May 21st, former Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans Chairman Lora Rae Anderson left the Republican Party to join Mike Tate and his cohort of “liberal attack dogs” in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Anderson recently landed a spot on MSNBC for a publicity stunt stating that she left the Republican Party because the party was ignoring the more “liberal-minded” young members.

While it is unfortunate that the former state chair Anderson has radically shifted her views, WICR is proud to stand for young conservatives. WICR chapters have seen their memberships increase. Over the past year, more and more people have rejected the liberal policies coming out of Madison and Washington D.C. and we expect to see more young people join WICR. Anderson herself stated in May 2009 as she addressed the Republican Party that “most College Republican chapters are bigger and more active than Democratic chapters . . . College Republicans are persistent, strong, committed, moral characters” and that “Republicans are some of the hardest workers I know, and Democrats are some of the most agitated people I know.”

Since that speech, however, she has slowly moved to the left and has embraced many liberal ideologies that have put her at odds with many in the party. Last week, Anderson issued a statement and had a press conference with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin where she declared, “The health care reform bill allows young adults like me to be carried on our parents health insurance until we’re 26…I’m not looking for a government handout. I just want to get my life started on the right foot.”

The majority of Americans, however, do not support the liberal health care mandate and are in line with Anderson’s statement on September 8, 2009 where she said, “thanks for not paying attention to those who don’t agree with you, Mr. President” when commenting on the fact that Republicans had real solutions to the healthcare crisis without getting Americans into a massive amount of debt. While the DPW and MSNBC have latched onto Anderson’s newly developed extreme views, the growing College Republican chapters do not want the government to leverage their futures and bury them under debt.

Much like Senator Specter, Anderson has shown she is far more concerned about her own self-interests and is willing to drastically change her principles for personal gain. We just hope that Anderson’s selfish media grab isn’t a condition for paid employment with Mike Tate and the DPW. Patrick Testin, political director of WICR, states that “we do find it interesting that in Mike Tate’s blitzkrieg to get Anderson in front of a camera, he and the rest of DPW have failed to do their homework on Anderson, who has a history of saying controversial things on social media sites.” On September 24, 2009, Lora Rae Anderson posted on Facebook that she “thinks: (3rd district Congressman) Ron Kind is a [censored].” On September 8, 2009 Anderson stated she believes Planned Parenthood are “disgusting racists”. Matt Rossetto, vice chair of WICR said, “Statements like these should suit Anderson well if she is to have a future in DPW under Mike Tate’s leadership, who has proven time and time again he is willing to use tasteless racial politics.”

WICR wishes Anderson the best of luck in her future. Meanwhile, WICR will continue to move forward in promoting conservative values and principles. Chairman Charlotte Evans stated, “While it is a pity that my predecessor left the party, it is evident that big government is not a solution to her problems. We are on the verge of a Republican revolution similar to 1994 that rejects the growth of the government and its out of control spending, which is why we are encouraging students to sign the national College Republican ‘Don’t Put It On Our Tab’ petition.” WICR will unite to recruit, train, mobilize, and engage college-aged students that support fiscal and individual responsibility to elect conservative Republicans in November when the great state of Wisconsin turns RED in 2010.

Contact: Patrick Testin
Phone: 715-412-1922

Monday, May 24, 2010



The Republican Party may have narrowly missed the chance to send shock waves through the nation last week by not being able to take the Murtha open seat in the Pennsylvania race but they have renewed vigor after taking the open seat in the Hawaii on Saturday night and Republican women may have had a huge hand in it. Charles Djou took the formerly Democratic seat with 39.5% of the vote after Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case split the opposition vote and failed to combine for 60%. The seat, which opened up after Rep. Neil Abercrombie's retirement from congress presented a huge opportunity for Republicans to score a victory in what has been one of the biggest Democratic strongholds in the nation, and squarely in the district where President Obama spent a part of his childhood. And what may have led them over the top didn't necessarily involve the traditional underpinnings of a GOP campaign. The Federation of Republican Women likely played a huge role in helping to put Djou over the top.

"Our women in the ground were very involved in the Djou campaign," National Federation of Republican Women president Sue Lynch told me at the Wisconsin Republican State Convention in Milwaukee on Sunday. "In fact, Mrs Djou (Stacey Kawasaki Djou)is a member of the Federation in Hawaii."

Late last week, Lynch put out a YouTube video calling women to action for both Tim Burns and Charles Djou campaigns.

"If you're willing to help us make calls, send a check, or even be deployed to Pennsylvania to help Tim, that would be great," Sue remarked. "We need to send a message to the Democrats of what's to come in November and with your help we can do that."

It's often said that behind every great man, there is an equally great woman and though the Burn's race in Pennsylvania fell short, the Djou race in Hawaii District 1is a shining example of how much Republican women, both young and old have begun to shape the face of modern-day elections in conservative America. Long gone are the days where man's better half in the GOP were simply relegated to backrooms where they stuffed envelopes, made phone calls, and arranged baked cookies on a silver platter. Today's Republican woman is out front and center, running campaigns, running for campaigns, and facilitating the outcomes of those campaigns. They bring vigor and organization, as well as a protective passion and zeal to their candidates that only comes from the maternal instinct for protection of children, God, and country that naturally runs so strongly in all of them. The results can be seen in the increasing numbers of women who are rising up through the ranks of grassroots leadership, campaign and organizational staffing, county and State committees, as well as those who are actually running for State and National office. As of this election cycle, 112 Republican women are running for congressional office according to the RNC and strong female candidates like Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Carly Fiorina of California are joining the ranks of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin who have already made their mark along with several others as this new kind of strong, conservative feminist woman who working and toiling, taking on the slings and arrows of the pioneer to bring about a new guard outside of the good ol' boy's club.

Carly and Mary, the new faces of GOP women.

Such women, I believe, aren't at all in competition with or opposed to men's leadership roles in the Republican Party but rather compliment and enhance those roles and fortunately they've been able to shed the bonds of yesteryear because as far as I'm concerned they can only be assets to the Party.

"The good news is that we have a Republican woman candidate over there as well," Lynch also informed me. "Her name is Ramsey Wharton running for a congressional seat and so we are going to be watching that one real close and making things happen there as well."

Ramsay Wharton is a former news anchorwoman who is running for the 2nd District seat in Hawaii. Indeed, another strong woman candidate who seems to be heading up a growing list of strong women candidates in the 2010 election cycle on the GOP side. It's a foregone conclusion the NFRW and it's state chapter in Hawaii will be sending all of it's forces this summer and fall to help secure another victory in a deep blue state.


With headline speakers Karl Rove, Tim Pawlenty, and Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans were among nearly 1,700 attendees to one of the largest State of Wisconsin Republican Conventions in recent memory. The group, consisting of nearly 35 members, trickled into the Hyatt-Regency Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, throughout the day Friday, May 21 but a core group arrived early in the morning Friday to help set up for the festivities and then along with others worked into the afternoon assisting candidates, promoting their campaigns and agendas. The main event on Friday evening was the chairman's reception held at the historic Harley-Davidson Museum. Celebrated Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty addressed a raucous crowd in the packed Rumble Room. Ryan talked about the insanity of health care reform and the Democrat's budget and fiscal messes while Governor Pawlenty spoke about similar issues and inspired those in the crowd to commit themselves to core values of fiscal conservatism. Soon after, shuttle buses provided rides back to the Hyatt where hospitality suites opened up for the remainder of the evening.

Convention started in earnest early Saturday morning and Charlotte Evans, the new WICR chair, spoke to the 1000 plus delegates in the Frontier Airlines Center, assuring them that the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans were thoroughly and completely committed to the cause of bringing the State of Wisconsin back to Republican control in 2010. Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Reince Priebus addressed the crowd about the importance of uniting together to elect GOP majorities and clean up after the Democrat's failing policies. The high point of the convention that morning was the official Party endorsement of Scott Walker in the gubenatorial race. Scott won the endorsement over his closest challenger, former congressman Mark Neumann, by an overwhelming percentage setting the stage for the State Party to throw it's weight behind his campaign to defeat Tom Barrett, the hand-picked successor to governor Jim Doyle on the Democrat side. The rest of the convention was a long, drawn-out process with several votes and re-votes to make party endorsements in two crowded, multi-candidate Statewide races; one being Lt Governor and the other being the Senate race against stalwart Democrat Russ Feingold.

Perhaps the highlight of the entire convention occurred Saturday night during the Chairman's Banquet where Karl Rove was introduced as the keynote speaker. In the, hot and packed standing-room only venue, 600 of the convention followers heard the Architect of the George Bush 43 ascendancy give over an hour-long speech about the pressing issues of the 2010 election cycle, as well as some of the amazing experiences he has had in lifetime of giving speeches.

"And if you don't believe you go talk to the man who figured this all out," Rove said after introducing in detail, the major shenanigans in the health care bill. "His name is Paul Ryan."

The crowd rose to it's feet.

"The principle they forgot when it came to health care was this," he continued. "The American people pay attention. We're not that dumb. We're not that stupid. Think about this. If you go and take a look at the polls from January, February, and March of last year people by a margin of 2 to 1 supported health care reform. They thought it was a good idea, 'Yea, let's explore. We need to improve our system.' But then we started reading and watching. The President kicked off on March 5 of last year a 51-week drive for national health care. He gave 58 speeches, 2 nationally-televised addresses to the nation. He had a 59-41 margin in the Senate, he had a 255 to 178 in the house and this may shock ya, I know there are a lot of idealistic young people in here but the national media is sorta liberal and didn't challenge him. And guess what happened! People educated themselves, they talked to the doc down the street, they talked to the nurse, they talked to the hospital administrator, they talked to the drug saleswoman, they talked to the pharmacist. . .they educated themselves about it. By August of last year we were on fire and by the time it came around to the vote if you take all of the polls taken in the couple of weeks leading up to the vote, it was about 38% favoring bill presented by Obama and the Democrats in congress and 60% opposed and the strongly opposed outnumbered the strongly supported by 2 to 1. That's because the American people educated themselves."

then completed his speech with a touching story about his experiences with wounded and fallen soldiers in the Military and in particular one individual soldier who had been shot 8 times, was in the process of having his face reconstructed, and was now more than willing to go back to Afghanistan for yet another tour of duty.

The convention wrapped up Sunday afternoon, after an endorsement of recently-announced candidate Ron Johnson in the Feingold Senate race, a long half day of votes, and a kick-off campaign rally by Walker and Johnson, weary delegates finally departed for home and while some of the College Republicans stayed around to help clean up after the festivities, many took after the weary convention-goers and slowly left Milwaukee, bringing their renewed passions back to home cities to help turn the tide in the State and national legislature.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It seems reality has slapped Attorney General Eric Holder alongside the head. In response to the foiled Times Square bombing plot, Holder earlier this week stated that the Obama Administration was looking in to modifying its previous stance regarding the use of Miranda rights for suspected terrorists. Apparently, there's something about a couple of near-disastrous terror strikes on the US homeland that can persuade even the most terrorist-coddling commander-in-chief and his trusty judicial branch sidekick that giving Al-Qaeda/Taliban-trained operatives the option to "clam up" while being arrested for suspected or attempted acts of homeland Jihad may not be the most effective way to deter and combat terrorism on both US soil and abroad.

According to the Politico from May 10:

“I think we also want to look and determine whether we have the necessary flexibility — whether we have a system that deals with situations that agents now confront. … We’re now dealing with international terrorism,” Holder said.

“I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public-safety exception [to the Miranda requirements]. And that’s one of the things that I think we’re going to be reaching out to Congress… to come up with a proposal that is both constitutional, but that is also relevant to our times and the threats that we now face.”

So the cabal government officials who have threatened to practically expose everything the CIA has done with water boarding, extolled the virtues of giving citizen's rights to non-citizen Al-Qaeda killers and treating them like ordinary criminals, repeatedly apologized for America in European and Middle Eastern countries, and offered to talk to Iranian President Ahmadinejad without preconditions may have finally realized that hamstringing potential terrorist investigations by cutting off the interrogation, may not be such a great thing. It's funny what happens when a President and members of his cabinet who approach the War on Terror with anti-American, Marxist ideals and things happen in the real theatre of that War that totally and completely disprove and discount the elitist idealism.

“The [Miranda] system we have in place has proven to be effective,” said Holder, who has drawn criticism for administering the self-incrimination warning to Shahzad, a recently naturalized American.

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee in April that “the giving of Miranda warnings does not necessarily mean that the information flow stops. I think quite the contrary. What we have seen over this past year with regard to Zazi, Abdullah Mutallab, Headley, all of whom were given Miranda warnings. The information flow was substantial. "

Oh really? If Miranda warnings were so darned effective, then how did suspected bomber Faisal Shahzad come so close to hatching the plot in the first place and how did he come so close to leaving the country after it was foiled? The entire theory that Shahzad acted alone was quickly thrown out the window soon after his arrest when it was "discovered" that the Taliban in Pakistan, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, were fully behind the planning and attempted implementation of the plot.

Again, the Politico:

Eric Holder, making his first Sunday show appearance as Attorney General, told ABC’s Jake Tapper on “This Week” that investigators have “now developed evidence that show that the Pakistani Taliban was behind” last weekend’s attempted bombing of Times Square.

If the investigations were going so well and the Miranda warnings were effective, then A) Why did the Administration not fully realize the threat from the Pakistani Taliban? B) Why change the edict in the first place?

What it looks like to me is that a group of acting cast members led by Obama and Holder fully embraced the notion that if we just play "nice" with the terrorists and show the World how "just" we are by keeping their best "constitutional" interests in mind that we'd completely placate radical Islam's and therefore, the Muslim world's, unjustified hatred of us and their insatiable thirst for violence against us. And now after a couple of near-scares and the possibility of this philosophy putting them on the receiving end of anger and blame in the event of a successful terror attack, they are scurrying to loosen the shackles in which they've handcuffed themselves. I call it "foot-in-mouth governing"; the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants change on-the-fly executive-ship that occurs after the notion sets in that, "oops, we got lucky" and "we'd better fix this or else we won't be so lucky next time,"; the lessons learned by a naive administration.

Now if only they all could have the same revelation about their philosophy of trying terrorists in civilian courts instead of Military tribunals.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Three Wisconsin CRs represented the college campus conservatives at this year's Young America Foundation Club 100 Reagan Ranch Retreat held near Santa Barbara, CA from Thursday April 29 through Saturday May 1, 2010. Bobby Hamill and Jacob Kampen, of UW-Eau Claire; Charlotte Evans from Marquette University were all participants in the Club 100 event, part of a group 15 of the most active campus conservatives in nation as awarded by the Young America Foundation.

"Essentially what it is, it is for those top students in the nation who are active with Young America Foundation throughout the year," Bobby Hamill said of the program. "By hosting different speakers or putting on different events such as 9/11 Never Forget, Freedom Week, No More Che Day, and other events that the Young America Foundation holds. So they have a point system and those students who have 100 points or more get awarded with a trip out to California that Young American Foundation provides for and it has a whole bunch of different events."

Organized primarily by Young America's Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle, the first event of the three days was an overnight stay at the cabins in the El Capitan Canyon, where the gathering enjoyed a barbecue and were later joined by Southern California talk radio host Mark Larson. Ann McElhinney, writer and producer of the anti-Global Warming film Not Evil Just Wrong, spoke as well and then joined the group around a campfire.

Bobby Hamill of the Wisconsin College Republicans with former White House advisor Karl Rove

Bobby and Karl

"One of the best things, obviously, was getting to hear from Karl Rove," Bobby Hamill said of his experience. "He had a phenomenal talk about his book (Courage and Consequence) which was interesting but everything he spoke about was great. He spoke a lot about his time serving with President Bush and working with him in the Oval Office, especially his experience of 9/11, what he remembers from that was pretty powerful, all of the stories that he had regarding that date, that was pretty neat. It was a great chance to spend all of this time with other College students and other University Students from around the country who share the same passion for politics as you do."

Rove joined the students for a private reception on Friday afternoon on the roof of the Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara where he personally signed copies of Courage and Consequence. He then was the keynote speaker at a luncheon downstairs where he regaled the audience with his 9/11 accounts.

"The biggest thing that I actually would say is that the world of political activism is a small one," Charlotte Evans recalled about her important experiences at the retreat. The new chair of the Wisconsin CRs found herself in familiar company, despite the small number of activists who were awarded a trip to the event. "I ran into people whom I knew before, my roommate who I actually met last year at the Young America Foundation convention in Washington DC and that was kind of funny and everyone I met had already met someone else that I kind of knew. And it was really neat to be in the same environment that Ronald Reagan was in and how he was grounded and not only how he had the conservative values but also the traditional conservative lifestyle as well. You don't need to be a rich politician, you can be a real person, and you can be genuine person, you can be successful in politics, and you can be the best President we ever had."

Newly-elected WICR Chairwoman Charlotte Evans with former White House advisor Karl Rove

Charlotte and Karl

After horseback riding at the Circle B Ranch, Reagan-style, indeed the culminating event of the weekend was a tour of the Reagan Ranch. High up in the mountains, Rancho del Cielo— meaning "Ranch in the Sky" is 688 acres of rolling, tree-covered hills that served for 25 years as a home and then as a retreat for Ronald Reagan during his presidency. Ana Lightle, tour guide, took the young activists through the ranch home, talked about his persona, his presidency, and how it helped him to become such a great leader.

"It is just really cool to talk to other campus activists," Charlotte recalled. "To see what other ideas they have and find out what was successful for them and figure out how we can implement that on our campus and learn from their mistakes and things that worked for them and things that weren't successful and things that got them in trouble and how we can build off of that so that Wisconsin doesn't have similar problems. I am just grateful that I got to go. I would actually consider almost everybody to be middle class there but they were differing degrees of middle class I suppose. There were people there who were in fancy dresses and had their hair all nice and I was there in my 'plaids'. Being able to ride horses on the mountains and being able see Reagan Ranch from their was cool too."


•Travis Korson – George Washington University
•Danny Laub – St. Louis University
•Mick Paskiewicz – DePaul University
•Ryan McNicholas – University of California - Santa Barbara
•Charlotte Evans – Marquette University
•Chris Garcia – Pepperdine University
•Katie Poedtke – Fordham University
•Lauren Scirocco – Ramapo College
•John Masko – Wheeler School
•Kiana Dunn – San Pasqual High School
•Scott McAfee – Emory University
•Stephen Barkley – UNC-Greensboro
•Bobby Hamill – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
•Michael Boglovits – UNC-Greensboro
•Jacob Kampen – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
•Matt Capristo – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
•John Eick – UNC-Chapel Hill
•Blayne Bennett – Arizona State University
•Janie Abel – Canisius College
•Joe Naron – George Washington University

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



It took literally nanoseconds after Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the nation's toughest (and most sorely needed) illegal immigration reform into law, for the Civil Rights multiculturalists started heaving the "racist" label at anybody who would remotely stand up for, defend, and associate themselves with the ideals put forth in the language of the bill. By now nearly everyone has heard about President Obama's argument that "Washington's failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others" and Pima County Arizona sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who says he won’t enforce the law because it is “racist” and “disgusting”. But what about Hispanics themselves who are actually in favor of the illegal immigration law that Governor Brewer put on the books on April 24th? Contrary to what some may believe, a great number of Hispanics who live in America are actually law-abiding citizens who are behind the enforcement of immigration measures and border security. Seeing their illegal brethren come across the border from Mexico bringing their gang warfare, drugs, litter, and overcrowded ghettos cause headaches in the Country into which they've peacefully and legally assimilated themselves must leave many of them scratching their heads and feeling ashamed. They stand up for a law that should have been enforced by the Federal Government long ago and are called racists themselves. CNN has a shining example of what I am referring too:

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) — Sue Schwartz says she’s been called a racist so many times she doesn’t mind the label anymore. If wanting immigrants to enter the country legally, like her great-grandparents from Mexico, and obey the laws of the land makes her racist, then so be it, she says firmly. . .

The story goes on to chronicle how Schwartz and friends of hers have been labeled a traitor by the law-breaking riffraff of her own Hispanic neighborhood (or "traidora" which is the word in Espanol). She proceeds to talk about how the illicit human traffic has taken all of the entry-level jobs away from her granddaughter who has been searching for one since she was 15. According to Schwartz, she can't get a job at the Hometown Buffet because "She doesn't speak Spanish". Another acquaintance of Schwartz, Martha Payan, said she's had her "apartment broken into and her car hit by an illegal".

Uhem. . .excuse me? The real shame is in letting the inmates run the asylum.

All of the chicanery by the illegal Mexican neighborhood thugs is to be expected but the real shame is on the leftists who continue to fan the flames of this non-citizen revolt by appending the label "racist" to anybody who even remotely sides with enforcement of SB 1070. The use of the term "racist" in situations such as this, is a classic Saul Alinskyian tactic that simply detracts from the legal and social ills that passage of this law aims to remedy. The Left cannot argue against the fact that immigrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States and taking up secret residence, unchecked and unaccounted-for, is morally, legally, and criminally wrong and for the United States Government to sloppily enforce the law as it pleases when it pleases is an irresponsible dereliction of its constitutional duties. It then turns to the usual name-calling and chest-beating intimidation tactics so often used to shout down opposition that can beat them with reason. Feelings matter, not subject or substance, and cries of racism invoke feelings that are stronger than breaking the law itself. Sue Schwartz and her friends become unwitting victims in this war of words. She's Hispanic, she's law-abiding, she believes in being responsible as a citizen of the United States of America. For that she is branded a racist and a traitor not only by the Left but by people who share her own blood lines.

60 percent of Americans say Arizona's tough new immigration law is "about right" or "doesn't go far enough." Are you listening, Washington?

A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows 51 percent of those surveyed say the law is "about right" and 9 percent say it "doesn't go far enough." 36 percent believe the controversial law - which gives police broad powers to detain people they think are in the country illegally - "goes too far."

This new poll also shows broad majorities of Americans say illegal immigration is a "very serious problem" and that this country's immigration policies need a major overhaul... although people are divided about what the right solution is. . .