Friday, April 9, 2010

Karl Rove - From the Midwest to the Top

I apologize for the delay, in getting this weblog underway... Just as we helped, in the major GOP victories in Virginia (and New Jersey) last fall, the Midwest College Republicans are working hard, this Spring semester, and will be a key part of "The GOP Comeback," in this vital year.

Several CRs, in our Midwest Caucus states, are signed up to post at this site, and will soon be posting region-based news, state updates, event recaps, important perspectives, and other pertinent material, insofar as our efforts, throughout the states of our CRNC Region.

Speaking of Midwest CRNC politics: One name that has been in the news a great deal lately is that of a GOP leader who rose to national prominence, specifically as a result of his involvement, in the Midwest Caucus of the College Republican National Committee.

Many of us have had the chance to #meetkarl, this Spring (or earlier), at events such as County Lincoln Day Dinners.

Former White House Chief of Staff (and former CRNC Executive Director, and CRNC National Chairman) Karl Rove's new book, Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight has quickly climbed onto the bestseller lists, and helps dispell many of myths, about Mr. Rove himself, as well as insofar as the presidency of George W. Bush.

Karl Rove book

Mr. Rove's Wikipedia encyclopedia entry specifically mentions the CRNC Midwest Caucus. The chapter (#2) of his book, which deals with his CR activities, is available online, for free.
Chapter 2: King of the College Republicans

- Midwest Voices: Left’s one-sided ‘civility’ exposed as Karl Rove is shouted down, Kansas City Star

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