Friday, January 14, 2011

RNC Elections 2011

I'm glad that (despite getting a late start today) I started following [and live-Tweeting] the #RNCChair race, while all the candidates were still in; Thanks to Colin Hoffman (of the Missouri CRs), for the quick heads-up.

A hearty congratulations to REINCE PRIEBUS, on winning Chairman of the Republican National Committee!!

Thanks so much, also, to Chairman Michael Steele, for his service, to our party, and our conservative GOP causes.

There are other #RNC11 races still taking place, however. Congratulations to Sharon Day, for being elected National Co-Chair!!

Right now, incumbent RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen (of Arizona) is seeking re-election, against challenges from Ron Nehring (CA) and Tony Parker (DC).

Many of us in the Midwest are closely watching the RNC National Secretary election, in which Demetra Demonte (IL), is running, against Dee Dee Benkie (IN).

I assume that that election will be up, next.

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