Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lame ducks: Working past midnight (to finish screwing our state)

Amidst the blizzard (which started yesterday, as unfortunate-Governor Pat Quinn's Inaugural Ball was wrapping up!), and has continued, through now...
...the Illinois General Assembly is still in session.

Today (well, now yesterday!) is the last day of the lame-duck session.

While we failed (which I'm reminded of, about every day!) to win the Office of Governor, and also failed to win enough seats, to take control of the State Senate, nor the State House, we did make significant gains, in both of those Chambers.

During the fall veto session, the IL Dems passed some horrid legislation. They've had another lame-duck session, this week and last, in which they helped screw our state some more (like with that " tax" - for which they had some GOP assistance)... and are now staying up late, to push through the crown jewel of their wreckage - a massive INCOME TAX HIKE!

They are trying to get this rammed through, before the new Republicans are sworn in tomorrow (which would now be today!) at noon, on our capital-city (UIS) campus.

Earlier this evening, the tax-hike plan passed the Illinois House, by a vote of 60 to 57.

The debate, in the State Senate, is still underway.

Follow it (audio or video) live:

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