Saturday, June 18, 2011

Right Online 2011

[Note: I don't know if the Widget isn't loading, or if it's just slow, on my end. In case it isn't, just follow the link: Thanks!]

I've had quite the experience (!!) at RightOnline - or more-specifically, on my way to it, etc...

I'm trying to rush off right now, to one of the breakout-sessions, but didn't want any more time to pass, before loading one of those [quickly-put-together] Twitter-stream, of our CRNC-Midwest Caucus members, who are here!

[There's unfortunately no time to post actual blog entries right now, while partaking in all the other good stuff!]

And, I apologize for those here, who I've left out. I'm behind today (as well as yesterday!!), not to mention, severely under-caffeinated.

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