Saturday, September 18, 2010

Right Nation 2010

I was hoping that, at this Midwest-themed major event, I would be able to live-blog (I'm on Bloggers Row!) at this, plus two other weblogs.

The last time I was on a "Bloggers Row" - at the 2008 "Defending the American Dream" Summit - I was able to do so, at two blogs (my personal one, and at the UIS College Republicans one), with somewhat success... So I thought maybe, I could do this.

Right Nation 2010 - Bloggers Row

Who was I kidding? Not only did I get here late, and flustered, but just getting, on the Sears Centre wi-fi system was a chore.

I will post more here, but likely in the form of "recaps"... For live-blogging, I'll have to continue, at my personal blog (and on Twitter most likely, from the "interview room").

My U.S. Congressman, AARON SCHOCK (who's also just 1 month older than I), is speaking right now; They told us he will "be in the interview room 1 minute after" he finishes speaking; I hope to be in the front row! [Was in the back, when Andrew Breitbart was there, and I totally missed Herman Cain.]

Please follow updates, from the floor of the Convention, at my main blog [sorry in advance, if they seem garbled, unprofessional, and too stream-of-consciousness-like... I'm undercaffeinated, and mad at myself, for the aforementioned reasons, as well!], and perhaps some updates here, as well.

I will link to the posts of the others, who are here on Bloggers Row... I've noticed Bill Barr, right in front; recognized Emily Zanotti, when I first arrived.

From the interview room, it'll be live-Tweets! You can follow my stream (though for some reason, it's been VERY slow, with the mobile network); the hashtag for this event is #RN2010.

BTW: Four of the State Republican Parties, in our CRNC Midwest Caucus, are sponsors of Right Nation 2010: Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois.

Stay tuned, for more updates!

(I'd link to a live-stream, which I presume exists, but I'm going to get ready, to run to the interview room!)

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