Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

It's been awhile since I've done a Thanksgiving blog entry. In my prior posts, I'd featured a moving prayer, from the great(!) columnist Michelle Malkin:

Thanksgiving Prayer 2002 (Link annotations were added by me; Here's another version)

Michelle often writes poignant pieces; Here are her columns, for this occasion, from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 (great advice; Was thinking of this, this morning!), 2008, last year... and this time: "Giving thanks for American ingenuity"

from Thanksgiving 2010...

Giving Thanks for Liberty and Freedom, U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

Private Property and the First Thanksgiving, The Show-Me Daily

Video: A Thanksgiving Tribute to Property Rights, Reason TV

From our old friend Dan Flynn: Socialism Didn't Work at Plymouth Plantation, Either

And Rush Limbaugh's classic commentary

NRO Symposium: Giving Thanks

‘Where Do We Get
These People?’
, Rich Lowry
The First Thanksgiving, Frank Miniter
Thanksgiving for the Bill of Rights, John Hayward
A Grateful Nation, Newt & Callista Gingrich
A Tale of Two Colonies, Gary Galles, Ludvig von Mises Institute

- For which we give thanks
- God returns to Obama's Thanksgiving proclamation

A Thanksgiving Sacrifice
While we celebrate our national holiday in the warmth and comfort of homes, the men and women of our armed forces serve at grave peril in faraway places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

The History of Thanksgiving
TH Radio: Thanksgiving is the least corrupted of the major holidays. It seems to have retained its essential spirit untainted, or at least not completely distorted by the forces of commercialization and secularization.

This Thanksgiving, Serve Gratitude, Rebecca Hagelin
Pro Patria: America, 'Tis of Thee We Sing, Ross Mackenzie
Still Thankful, Cal Thomas
Thanksgiving for Leaders, Jackie Gingrich Cushman
Thankful for a Bygone Era & New Dawn, Armstrong Williams

Remember Whom to thank, Joe Farah
Thanksgiving: The Inoculation Against Fear and Worry, Jane Chastain
Be thankful for technological bounty, Phil Elmore
Thanksgiving wishes from Avenal State Prison, Jack Cashill
Happy "Starvation Day" (A lost Thanksgiving lesson), John Stossel (H/T: Bill Hobbs, Phil Kerpen)

Vote for the Turkey, Skyla Freeman
Happy Thanksgiving, Erick Erickson, Red State

Giving thanks to Whom thanks is due, Illinois Family Institute
A Special Thanksgiving Message, Traditional Values Coalition
Lame Ducks Talk Turkey, Family Research Council

(Note: The above 3 pieces were included, in defiance of the liberal, money-grubbing Southern "Poverty" Law Center.)

a few selections, from Thanksgivings past:
Don't wait to be thankful, Cassandra Walker
In Defense of Traditional Thanksgiving History, Josh Claybourn
America Rocks! The Greatest Country the world has ever known, Ted Nugent
See Ted Nugent's piece, for this year!
The Truth about Thanksgiving and Free Markets, Richard J. Maybury
The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving, Joseph Farah

What Thanksgiving Means to America, from the late Rev. Jerry Falwell

Immigrant Religious Extremist Group Signs Manifesto (1620)

And last (for Thanksgiving 2010), but not least:
A Thanksgiving Message to all 57 States, Sarah Palin (H/T: Jimmie, via Dean in Waukesha)

Obama: Let's have a bipartisan Thanksgiving

Top 10 reasons for conservatives to be thankful, Kenneth Hanner

Both parties have reason to give thanks, Politico (H/T: Saul Anuzis)

One year ago, we were involved in the major GOP wins in Virgnia and New Jersey, which were viewed as key, towards this year's bellwether elections. This month's elections were similarly-thrilling to those across the country - though for those conservatives in my state, it was a mixed bag.

But nonetheless...
Whether for 2010, 2009, 2008/2006, or any other year - The message remains the same:

No matter what happens, with these types of issues and events, it cannot be denied that we all have a GREAT DEAL to be thankful for!

During recent months, and in prior years--within our local, national, and international politics, within our "Web2.0" networks, and within the public arena--there has been a great deal of arguing, attacking, flaming, antagonism, and ill will that has been expressed by many individuals and groups. We have also celebrated many major election victories, even while facing policy-related setbacks, and destructive policies, at the national (and statewide) levels... not to mention the current socio-economic times. [And for those who are students, there are of course the usual (upcoming) concerns, but also, things we need to be doing, over "Fall Break."]

But now is not the time for angst, or for worry, or overwhelming frustration with others, or with the contemporary issues facing our country, our community, or our lives. Nor is it even the time for fiercly-positive dialectics, regarding these issues (or other matters, that may cause disputes, like when at today's family gatherings :-).

Now is the time to give thanks - To give thanks that we live in a society in which we can have these debates and discussions legally and freely, and in which we can praise or protest the policies and policy-makers that affect our society and our lives today. And it is a time to give thanks to our brave current and former soldiers - those who sacrifice their time, services, livelihoods, and sometimes, a great deal more - to defend our country and our citizenry. And above all, it is time to give thanks to our Lord and Creator - for all that he has done - for us, for our nation, and for the world in which we live.

Have a great Thanksgiving - and may your holiday be cheerful and pleasant. Best wishes to you and yours for an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend as well.


(And don't eat too much turkey... ;-)

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